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Yokocho, London


Yokocho, London

Restaurant and Bar

Evoke the nostalgic charm of Tokyo’s bustling food alleys from the 1970s.

Step into the captivating world of Yokocho, nestled within the historic Grade II listed Clareville House in London’s vibrant Haymarket area. Blenheim Design’s visionary concept transports diners to the bustling food alleys of 1970s Japan, offering an unparalleled immersive Japanese dining experience.

Our design challenge was to recreate the charm of Japanese narrow alleys within the confines of a listed building, transforming Yokocho into a sanctuary reminiscent of downtown Tokyo. Inspired by our exploration of Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku district during a recent trip to Tokyo, we sought to capture the essence of these vibrant, aromatic, and visually stimulating food alleys.

Carefully crafted into a grid of three alleys, Yokocho’s interior features izakaya porticoes, shop fronts, and kiosks with overhanging roofs, each exuding an authentic Japanese ambiance. Raw materials such as Yamato-hari textured plaster, upcycled cedar wood, and salvaged oak and pine form the foundation of our design, providing a backdrop for the vivid colours of paper lanterns, posters, and signs.

Strategically positioned shop openings offer glimpses into neighbouring alleys while serving as food counters and seating areas, layered with carefully chosen upcycled props to create an authentic visual spectacle. From retro phone booths to vending machines, bicycles to power lines, every detail captures the essence of Tokyo’s bustling alleyways.

Unlike traditional symmetric layouts, Yokocho’s interior thrives on the displacement of furniture and decor, embracing the concept of charming imperfection cherished by Japanese philosophers. Blenheim Design’s commitment to sustainability, versatility and innovation has culminated in the creation of the UK’s first fully immersive Japanese restaurant interior, nestled in the heart of the Haymarket conservation area.

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Panton Yokocho Restaurant

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