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Nopi Restaurant, Review


Nopi Restaurant, Review

12 Sep 2018

Restaurant and Bar

Explore the exquisite interior of Yotam Ottolenghi’s renowned Nopi restaurant, located in London’s vibrant West End. Renowned for its trademark full platters of salads, Nopi caters to the more formal diner, offering a culinary experience unlike any other.

On the ground floor, traditional dining awaits amidst a crisp
white palette accentuated by warm-colored marble and luxurious brass details. The elegant setting of the restaurant and bar exudes sophistication and charm.

Descend into the basement to discover a multifunctional dining
space featuring communal dining on large marble farmhouse tables, surrounded by views of the open kitchen and dry food storage.

Nopi’s interior design is a mix of modern elegance with
classic elements, highlighted by the warm red ochre venation of marble surfaces
and exposed white-painted brick walls. Brass accents add a touch of class,
though some elements, like the large floral-inspired ceiling light, may feel
overly indulgent.
Innovative design features, such as projection imagery and
floor-to-ceiling angled mirrors in the restrooms, add depth and intrigue to the
space. Simple oak wood furniture and thoughtful design touches, like stem wine
glasses displayed on the bar gantry, balance the opulence of the brass
Experience the Ottolenghi brand’s commitment to fresh,
gastronomically interesting fare showcased on the food servery counter. Whether
enjoying a pre-show meal or a leisurely lunch, Nopi promises a culinary journey
filled with bold flavors and culinary innovation. Don’t miss the opportunity to
experience Nopi’s unique charm and exceptional cuisine during your visit to
central London.

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