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Bone Daddies, Review


Bone Daddies, Review

5 Jul 2018

Restaurant and Bar

Today, Blenheim Design had the pleasure of immersing themselves in the captivating ambiance of Bone Daddies, orchestrated by Australian head chef Ross Shonhan. Situated in the vibrant St Christopher’s Place, within the bustling James Street area of Marylebone, this restaurant promises an authentic Japanese dining experience.

Upon arrival at lunchtime, our attention was immediately drawn to the quirky yet authentically Japanese exterior seating area. Blue upturned crates and plywood stools evoked the charm of Japanese street vendors. The facade, adorned with a nearly black timber sign fascia and a neon illuminated logo in striking white and red, exuded a modern flair. Inside, the warm glow of yellow light complemented the bold primary colors, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Welcomed by the friendly staff, we were guided through the menu of modern Japanese dishes, which includes a selection of Japanese tapas-style snacks reminiscent of Izakayas. Our choices arrived promptly, served in traditional Japanese-style glazed ceramic dishes, on the communal table situated on the ground floor. The cuisine, characterized by its freshness and lightness, delighted our palates.
Spanning two floors, Bone Daddies offers diners the option of seating on the ground floor, overlooking the bustling street and the expertly disguised open kitchen, reminiscent of Japanese street vendors’ stalls. The ground floor interior features a fusion of dark aged woods, grey tiles, and warm timber tables, enhanced by eye-catching accents such as yellow suspended metal frames, illuminated lightboxes with Japanese characters, and colorful framed Japanese fabrics.

Descending to the lower level, accessed via stairs at the rear, guests are greeted by a more intimate setting, where the focus is on the open kitchen, bustling with activity. Here, dining booths with simplistic timber frames and traditional Japanese lanterns create an authentic ambiance. A large communal table, akin to the one on the ground floor, encourages convivial dining experiences.
Our impromptu lunch was accompanied by a rock’n’roll playlist, adding to the lively atmosphere.

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Marylebone, London

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