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Ichiryu, London


Ichiryu, London

Restaurant Bakery Bar

Ichiryu is a modern all-day Japanese fast food restaurant, where the restaurant interior design embraces the ethos of simplicity and functionality with fervor.

Warmth and hospitality permeate the space through the employment of honey-coloured wood, copper, oak, and bronze accents.

A timber wall covering at a high level elegantly unifies the two distinct areas of the restaurant: the bustling cooking area and the tranquil seating area.

A striking bespoke lighting feature hangs prominently from the
ceiling, casting a gentle glow over the Japanese-inspired pattern floor tiles, meticulously laid out to guide guests from the main entrance to the takeaway order point.

The focal point of the main dining area is the impressive open
kitchen, where diners can observe the skilled chefs at work. Seating options abound, including a high-level communal table, banquette seating with hidden storage compartments, and window benches, inviting guests to indulge in the bustling street views.

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Japan Centre


New Oxford St, London




256 m2

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