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Brimstone Hotel at Langdale, The lake District


Brimstone Hotel at Langdale, The lake District


Brimstone at Langdale objective was to revitalize public area and 16 room boutique hotel retreat within the serene setting of the Lake District. 

Blenheim Design undertook creative role in refreshing Brimstone Hotel whilst embracing the natural beauty of the surrounding lakes, mountains, and lush landscapes.

Blenheim Interior design team chose a sophisticated palette that reflects the tranquility of the region while infusing a touch of modernity for a fresh and inviting ambiance. Our focus was on creating comfortable and stylish 16 bespoke rooms and suites that encourage relaxation whilst ensuring a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor environments.

Focal point of each suite is a green slate fireplace adorned with a wood mantle and strategically placed oversize mirror to emphasize the double height space and reflect picturesque outdoor scenery. To juxtapose the rustic charm of the slate and wood, our designers used lavish textures of velvet and linen. Serene and tactile finishes invite guests to relax and unwind, creating an ambiance that seamlessly balances comfort and sophistication.

Adorning the walls draped in curtains are paintings of the local poets and writers, while also serving as a captivating backdrop to a custom-made wood table crafted from estates forest.
Result is a design that not only complements the picturesque surroundings but also enhances the overall guest experience, making it a memorable and indulgent retreat in the heart of the Lake District.

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Langdale Estate


The Langdale Estate, Ambleside




1102 m2

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