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Worthing Golf Club, Sussex


Worthing Golf Club, Sussex

Golf Clubhouse

Blenheim Design were thrilled to assist Worthing Golf Club with the refurbishment of the Clubhouse bar and lounge and restaurant. The building occupied by the Clubhouse is a former farmhouse dating back to 1800’s.

The newly redesigned Worthing Golf clubhouse boasts inviting lounge bar and restaurant with adjacent function room, setting new standards in golf clubhouse interior design. The building occupied by the clubhouse is a former farmhouse dating back to 1800’s. Our designers honoured the original farmhouse character and blended it seamlessly with contemporary design elements to create warm social hub for its members.

The design team created a sunlit golfing lounge that opens directly to the expansive terraces and creates a central hub that leads to the dining and lounge area. This provided direct flow from the inside of the clubhouse to the exterior, making the views over the golf course the focal point.

The lounge bar is a focal point of the clubhouse, featuring warm fireplace that invites golf enthusiasts to unwind in style. Worthing Golf Club brand tones of blue and gold are reflected in painted wall paneling, soft upholstery fabrics and rich leather. Neutral wall colour was chosen to keep the space light and encourage focus on magnificent views of the sea and South Downs.

Whether golfers are celebrating a successful round or simply enjoying the camaraderie, the lounge bar provides a welcoming retreat. Additionally, the function room for golf events stands out as a versatile space that caters to golf presentations and private members functions.. Blenheim Design’s expertise is evident in the meticulous layout and thoughtful use of space, ensuring that the function room is adaptable for everything from private celebrations to corporate events.

The fusion of aesthetic appeal and functionality creates a space that not only elevates the golfing experience but also serves as a testament to the commitment to excellence at Worthing Golf.
credit to Fab Pad Studio and Jack Rafter.

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Worthing Golf Club Ltd.


Worthing, West Sussex




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