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Hai Cenato, Review


Hai Cenato, Review

15 Oct 2018

Restaurant and Bar

Experience the captivating interior design of Hai Cenato, an Italian restaurant conceptualized by renowned chef Jason Atherton, nestled in the heart of the redeveloped Nova Victoria buildings.

Drawing inspiration from classical Manhattan Italian eateries,
Hai Cenato boasts a theatrical open pizza kitchen and a high-level bar surrounding the action, along with a separate mezzanine bar named The Drunken Oyster.

While the venue may not be a standalone destination bar, its unique internal signage overlays two different venue names, creating an intriguing ambiance that evolves throughout the evening.

Hai Cenato’s specialty lies in its mouthwatering pizzas, crafted
with a blend of local and authentic ingredients, including London mozzarella and traditional Italian smoked meats and spices. Our dining experience was elevated by the friendly and knowledgeable staff, who offered small wine samples to complement our meal selections.

The interior design of Hai Cenato seamlessly blends elements of
old and new New York aesthetics. From the elegantly adorned white marble floor tiles to the polished brass accents strategically placed in high-traffic areas, every detail exudes sophistication. The decorative wall surfaces, featuring framed caricatures of renowned chefs, add a touch of whimsy to the space.

Rich red embossed leather upholstery adorns the fixed seating,
stools, and side chairs, while dark stained wood tabletops with aged brass detailing enhance the overall ambiance. Bold mid-blue accents and dark stained timber elements further enhance the restaurant’s charm.

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Nova Building, Victoria, London

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