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Tonkotsu Ramen bar, Finsbury -London


Tonkotsu Ramen bar, Finsbury -London

Restaurant and Bar

Tonkotsu Ramen Bar’s founders, Ken and Emma, envisioned an interior that elegantly mirrors the refined simplicity of Tonkotsu’s carefully curated ramen menu.

Embark on a modern izakaya journey with our Japanese ramen interior and restaurant design, meticulously crafted to immerse you in the essence of Japan.

In homage to Japanese interiors, we introduce shoji-inspired
elements—thin timber slats re imagined as open wall cladding surrounding solid interior walls. This design extends seamlessly, even manifesting in unique wall brackets for the bar shelving.

Softening the ambiance, wall lights gracefully extend over perimeter tables, offering a gentle contrast to the solid walls. Open wire metal shades expose the artistry of the light fittings, mirroring the raw materials showcased throughout the interior.

Delve into intricate details, such as butterfly joints in the bookmatched and live-edge tables, showcasing the mastery of traditional Japanese techniques. A striking juxtaposition arises with modern chairs and banquette booth seats, all adorned in vibrant magenta and blue leathers.

Step into an oasis where traditional meets contemporary, and every detail tells a story. Experience the allure of relaxed and casual Japanese restaurant interior.

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Finsbury Park, London




107 m2

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