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Bolney Wine Estate, Sussex


Bolney Wine Estate, Sussex

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Situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of Sussex, the Bolney Wine Centre has recently undergone a truly remarkable transformation, all thanks to the creative ingenuity of Blenheim Design.

This visionary project has breathed new life into the winery’s interior, transforming what was once a warehouse into a multifaceted space. The renovated space now boasts a captivating wine shop, a welcoming café, and two interconnected tour rooms, all dedicated to the exquisite art of wine tasting.

At the heart of the Bolney Wine Centre rejuvenation stands wine shop, a veritable treasure trove of delights for visitors.
Blenheim Design has meticulously woven elements of Bolney charm and contemporary elegance into the space, ensuring that it not only showcases Bolney’s distinguished wines but also offers a thoughtfully curated selection of gins, vermouth and a tantalizing array of preserves, sourced directly from the estate’s own gardens.

Here, visitors can peruse and purchase Bolney’s exceptional range of wines, each a testament to the vineyard’s dedication to producing high-quality, English wines.

Throughout the project, Blenheim Design has expertly married traditional and contemporary elements, utilizing materials such as locally sourced oak to create a striking wine feature wall. Chalk and limestone have also been featured in the design, serving as a positive nod to the local soil that imparts mineral tastes to Bolney’s wines, further enhancing the visitor experience with their authenticity and connection to the terroir.

The café at the Bolney Wine Centre is a culinary oasis that invites visitors to savor the delights of locally-sourced food, thoughtfully paired with Bolney’s finest wines.
Blenheim Design has painstakingly designed cafe space to create inviting ambiance whilst incorporating vineyards rich history. New cafe offers perfect backdrop for indulging in a menu that artfully complements Bolney’ wines.

Two interlocking tour rooms are the crown jewels of the Bolney Wine Centre’s transformation. These elegantly designed spaces are dedicated to the art of wine tasting and provide an immersive and educational experience for visitors. Blenheim Design has ensured that these rooms are equipped with old and new technology within contemporary setting.

The interior design of the Bolney Wine Centre reflects the meticulous attention to detail and creativity of Blenheim Design. The project seamlessly marries the traditional and the contemporary, using materials such as local oak sourced from a nearby sawmill to create a wine feature wall that dominates the space. The colour scheme, drawn from Bolney’s brand adds vibrancy and a sense of unity to the space, enhancing the overall aesthetic and creating a cohesive visual identity.

In summary, the Bolney Wine Centre’s transformation by Blenheim Design is a testament to the power of design in revitalizing a cherished location. This remarkable project has created a space where visitors can explore, indulge, and discover the world of Bolney wines in a setting that is both sophisticated and welcoming.

“It has quickly become a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts and inquisitive souls alike. If you are seeking expert winery design in Sussex, Blenheim Design is the name to trust for elevating the interior of wine estates to a whole new level of excellence.”

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