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Tonkotsu Ramen, Peckham


Tonkotsu Ramen, Peckham


Peckham, London welcomes the arrival of Tonkotsu Bar and Ramen, housed within the historic former Ralph Haeems Solicitors offices—a place steeped in colourful history, frequented by notable figures such as the Kray Twins.

Blenheim Design took on the challenge of transforming this
iconic space into the 11th addition to the Tonkotsu family, blending Japanese interior style with contemporary London culture. Situated on the first floor, spanning just over 100 sq. m, our designers were tasked with accommodating 45
patrons alongside a full kitchen and service bar.

The restaurant’s décor embraces existing textured finishes and
features geometric patterns, while the kitchen gantry showcases the Japanese craft of Kintsugi using broken tiles. Laser-cut geometric shapes, reminiscent of Japanese fabrics, overlay oak plywood to create a visually stunning effect. A curated selection of lighting from various suppliers, including concrete pendants and bespoke combinations, illuminates the space, adding an intriguing allure for both customers and staff alike.

Preserving original hand-painted ceilings and brick walls, our
design team seamlessly integrates them with fresh finishes and bespoke furniture, resulting in a stylish interior that captures the essence of Peckham’s vibrant spirit.

Blenheim Design is proud to collaborate with the Tonkotsu team,
supporting their continued growth and unique brand identity.

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