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Riding House, Fitzrovia, Review


Riding House, Fitzrovia, Review

16 Dec 2017

Restaurant and Bar

Experience the delightful mix of old and new, stripped-back and
ornate, where taxidermy squirrel wall lamps, pigeon light fixtures, and quirky pendant lights add character. Venture into the timber-clad private dining room with its stable doors and eccentric coffin-shaped lighting raft.

Blenheim Design was absolutely delighted to step into an interior that fascinates the senses. The Riding House on Great Titchfield Street doesn’t disappoint, it just keeps on giving.

Viewing the restaurant from the street, the Hague blue window frames and the reeded glass at eye level give a classical impression but hides the true nature of the interior which is full of wonderment.

As soon as you step inside and are greeted by the friendly staff the eye is drawn everywhere and nowhere in particular. The variation of finishes extend to every aspect of the interior but what is apparent is the creativity for their uses and the quality of the fit-out.

Within the open-plan space, intimacy is ingeniously crafted through zoning, raised dining areas, and clever compartmentalization like the reclaimed sliding train carriage doors. The warmth of reclaimed herringbone parquet flooring sets the tone, complemented by modern and antique finishes, feature lighting, and whimsical embellishments.

While our visit was brief, the enticing display of hearty dishes from the bustling open kitchen guarantees a return for a culinary adventure. Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds, where every corner holds a surprise waiting to be discovered.

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Fitzrovia, London

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