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The Park Central Hotel, Review


The Park Central Hotel, Review

16 Feb 2018


Nestled in the vibrant SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco, a stone’s throw away from iconic landmarks such as the Financial District, Yerba Buena Gardens, and Union Square, lies the The Park Central Hotel. It was serendipity that led Blenheim Design to dicover this hidden gem during a leisurely stroll.

Upon entering the hotel lobby, we were immediately captivated by
its effortlessly chic interior and relaxed ambiance. Elegantly appointed chandeliers cast a soft glow over lavish floral arrangements and inviting striped sofas, creating an atmosphere of understated luxury.
Our attention was drawn to the metallic-clad open fire,
reminiscent of the Russian ‘kaljeva pec, pechka’, exuding warmth and comfort. Dark timber panelling adorned the walls and columns, contrasting beautifully with the stone floors, while strategically placed oversized art pieces added a touch of sophistication.

The lounge area boasted an array of comfortable armchairs and
natural tan sofas, inviting guests to unwind and linger. Leather and metal screens on timber plinths discreetly separated the lounge from the dining area, concealing HVAC systems without compromising on style.

Throughout the hotel, an abundance of lighting points and layers
created a mesmerizing ambiance, with church candles flickering inside large black lanterns adding to the allure. Bespoke blackened steel screens and oversized lanterns delineated flexible indoor spaces, adding a contemporary edge to the hotel’s design.

In summary, the Park Central Hotel integrates seamlessly contemporary design with a majestic ambiance, offering guests an unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort in the heart of San Francisco.

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