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Award winning restaurant interior designers, Blenheim Design’s focus is to craft beautiful and functional interiors.

As a leading interior design firm specializing in creating captivating spaces for dining and entertainment, we bring your vision to life with unparalleled expertise.

Blenheim Design team, under the guidance of Maja Myall, is dedicated to transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. We tailor restaurant designs to match your brand and business model.

Whether you’re launching a new restaurant, renovating an existing restaurant, or seeking a complete interior overhaul, we have the creativity and technical expertise to bring award-winning vision to your establishment.

Transform your restaurant, bar, golf clubhouse, wine estate or hotel into a destination that captivates your new and existing guests and keeps them coming back for more. Blenheim Design – Elevating Dining and Social Spaces Through Exceptional Interior Design.

Contact Maja Myall today to discuss your project and take the first step toward a stunning and functional interior that sets you apart in the competitive hospitality industry.

Suite 1, 3rd Floor, Vantage Point, New England Rd, Brighton BN1 4GW

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