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Andalucia – Tapas & Wine Bar, Ferring


Andalucia – Tapas & Wine Bar, Ferring

Restaurant and Bar

Blenheim Design were approached by Luis and Miguel Quirosa to expand an already successful tapas restaurant, dedicated private dining area and a new wine bar.

A familial establishment, Andalucia, nestled in the picturesque Sussex village of Ferring, has undergone a splendid transformation. The restaurant’s footprint was expanded by seamlessly amalgamating two structures and an open courtyard, effectively doubling its seating capacity. Encompassing two inviting bars, an intimate private dining room, and a 50-cover restaurant, Andalucia offers a tasteful experience.

The stone-walled dining room, adorned with sliding skylight windows revealing a fully grown olive tree, serves as a poignant homage to its erstwhile courtyard origin. Within this charming space, Spanish hams hang artfully inside a glass enclosure, flanked by a Himalayan rock salt unit meticulously chosen for its water-absorbing and air-purifying properties. To further elevate the ambiance, an independent bar graces the front of the property, serving a dual purpose as a holding bar, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the culinary journey at Andalucia.

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Restaurante Andalucia ltd


Ferring, Sussex




231 m2

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