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Peggy Porchen, Review


Peggy Porchen, Review

3 Jun 2019


Blenheim Desigers noted the resurgence of traditional florals and timeless detailing in recent bakery and café interior designs. With the opening of a second Peggy Porschen shop in Chelsea, the team at Blenheim Design delved into the phenomenon of what has been dubbed ‘pinkie chintz’.

This contemporary feminine trend sweeping through London’s
patisserie interiors isn’t a mere revival of floral excess and shabby-chic décor from a bygone era. Instead, designers are infusing classic interior elements with a soft, eclectic twist, creating inviting spaces that serve as both friendly hangouts and Instagram-worthy backdrops.

The Peggy Porschen Chelsea café and cake shop epitomizes this
trend, where delectable cakes share the spotlight with exquisite floral arrangements, perpetually blooming roses, offering patrons an indulgent retreat into a whimsical realm. Even on dreary days, the shopfront adorned with pink roses stands out, drawing passersby eager to capture the seasonal floral displays.

Upon entering the Chelsea artisan cake shop, guests are greeted
by a white marble counter featuring brass-framed chilled displays, a motif that extends to the rear counter showcasing seasonal gifts and glass jars filled with aromatic coffee beans. Pastel hues, draped flowers, and pink-patterned floor tiles evoke the shop’s feminine charm, while comfortable seating areas subtly separated by white chest-height screens create a cozy ambiance reminiscent of a parlour.

The colour palette is a delicate blend of soft pastels – spearmint, pink, and powder blue – harmonizing with calming whites and an
earthy solid oak parquet floor. Pastel-coloured furniture mingles with bespoke pendants, turned wood screening details, antiqued mirrors, and intricate classic panelling, lending the interior an enchanting, fairy-tale allure with a hint of whimsy inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

From panelled walls adorned with Kerrie Hess wallpaper to white
marble accents and upholstered seating in pastel hues, every detail contributes to the shop’s dreamlike atmosphere. Stepping into Peggy Porschen’s cake shop feels akin to entering a rose garden at Barbie’s dream house, where unicorns might just be the master bakers behind the pastel-coloured macarons.

Cake shop designers have masterfully crafted a luxuriously
comfortable patisserie space that embodies the unique and distinctive Peggy Porschen brand, offering patrons an unforgettable escape into a world of sweet indulgence.

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