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Anzu, London


Anzu, London

Restaurant and Bar

An award-winning restaurant design – Anzu, by Blenheim Design, stands as a testament to innovative culinary spaces.

Situated in the coveted historic location within central London’s St James’s Market, Anzu’s exudes an atmosphere of refined Japanese fine dining.

Blenheim Design has masterfully crafted an environment that
marries tradition with modern luxury. Soft indirect lighting and an earthy colour palette complement luxurious brass and bronze detailing, creating a warm and inviting ambiance throughout the restaurant.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, materials, and
techniques, restaurant designers have seamlessly integrated modern surface textures and applications. The varying cut textures of the plaster on the walls and the carved pale stone structures add movement and depth to the space.

Behind the fixed seating, full-height thin oak timber strips pay
homage to Japanese culture, while traditional wooden footwear installations, known as geta, adorn the walls at opposing ends of the restaurant. The joinery and furniture embrace Japanese design simplicity, featuring dark and light oak timbers complemented by patterned fabrics and a durable bamboo floor.

The elevated bar area offers diners a heightened dining
experience, with textured black granite tops offset by brass and bronze gantries. The rear bar boasts full-height illuminated shelving with dark oak, inlaid bronze, and brass detailing.
Bespoke pendant lights softly illuminate the high ceiling,
incorporating timber and the traditional Japanese art of papermaking, known as washi, to create a cocoon-like effect.

“Anzu’s is a true masterpiece of restaurant design,
blending tradition with modern elegance to create an unforgettable dining experience.”

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St James’s Market, London




199 m2

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