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Theo Randal at Inter Continental, Review


Theo Randal at Inter Continental, Review

21 Jun 2021

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Situated within the prestigious InterContinental Hotel on London’s Park Lane, the refurbished restaurant by acclaimed chef Theo Randall is a culinary gem waiting to be discovered. From the moment you step through the demure entrance tucked away in the hotel lobby, you’re transported into a world of subtly executed dishes and fine wines.

The entrance archway, crafted from purpose-made concrete panels adorned with carved gold letters, sets the tone for the dining experience ahead. Here, service is non-invasive, and the food is unpretentious yet of exceptional quality.It’s no wonder that Blenheim Design couldn’t resist the allure of Theo Randall’s fully refurbished establishment, prompting us to experience it firsthand with friends.

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by friendly staff who graciously offered to take our jackets before escorting us to our table. Inside, the dining room has been cleverly divided into cozy areas, creating an inviting ambiance. Geometric brass screens strategically separate the bar area, kitchen pass, and seating zones, ensuring a sense of intimacy throughout.

A striking oak walkway divides the room, with the bar and
kitchen pass on one side and various seating configurations on the other. The well-stocked bar, featuring mirror-backed brass shelving and a Carrera marble top, seats four guests, while bespoke tables and chairs accommodate an additional eight.

The decor has undergone a transformation, with dark wood
paneling and brown leather replaced by cream and sage green seating. Italian influences are subtly woven throughout, evident in the Carrera marble surfaces and terrazzo floor.

One standout feature is the two high-level timber-based tables
positioned directly in front of the kitchen window, offering an uninterrupted view into the bustling restaurant kitchen. Fixed seating resembling individual sofas, paired with oak and marble tables, completes the sophisticated look.

The menu, curated to be simple, seasonal, and fresh, showcases the culinary expertise of Randall and his team. While the dishes were cooked to perfection, our vegetarian companions noted a desire for a greater variety of options.

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Inter Continental Hotel, Park Lane, London

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