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Shoryu Ramen, Kensington London


Shoryu Ramen, Kensington London

Restaurant and Bar

First Shoryu Ramen bar franchise

Blenheim Design, a renowned restaurant designer, successfully partnered with Shoryu Ramen, Bowl Life Ltd, Ford Consultancy and Bluecrow to create a captivating dining experience on Kensington High Street. The collaboration aimed to bring the energy, style, and enthusiasm of southern Japan to a 75 cover restaurant, marking Shoryu’s first franchise.

Under the creative direction of Maja Myall, the Design Director
at Blenheim Design, the team conceptualized an interior that paid homage to Shoryu’s rich heritage. The focal point of the design was the open kitchen with counter seating, showcasing the culinary mastery of the chefs as the stars of the show.

The 14-seater cooking counter, made from split face Manzano stone, live edge oak, and a back-illuminated panel filled with rice, became a patented feature by Blenheim Design, originally introduced in Shoryu Carnaby Street project in 2014 and later incorporated into the Shoryu brand DNA.

The interior planning incorporated a structural grid to create
seating pockets and changes in wall finishes. Bespoke Hakata walls, featuring black roof tiles set inside shikui plaster, greeted diners as they entered through noren curtains. Blond timber Ema boards, traditionally found in Shinto temples with handwritten good luck wishes, adorned black-painted walls. Every material, image, and feature in the design was meticulously chosen to reflect the cultural and culinary heritage of the Shoryu brand.

Despite being situated on the bustling Kensington High Street,
the restaurant’s interior design transported guests to Japan, providing a casual, charming, and comfortable ambiance. The dining destination not only showcased the best flavors of Fukuoka but also emphasized the authenticity of the Shoryu experience.

Blenheim Design’s latest project for Shoryu Ramen has
undoubtedly left a charismatic impression on the Kensington High Street dining scene, proving their expertise as premier restaurant designers in crafting immersive and culturally resonant spaces. This collaboration seamlessly integrated Shoryu’s identity, ensuring a modern twist to the fully engaging Japanese restaurant experience.

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Bowl Life and Shoryu Ramen


Kensington, London




162 m2

Shoryu Kensington is now officially open!

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