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The Good Egg, Review


The Good Egg, Review

9 Jan 2019

Bakery Restaurant Cafe Bar

Interior designers at The Good Egg have crafted a chic atmosphere, blending a pink ceiling with a blue resin floor.
Located in the trendy Kingly Court of Soho, their second site
offers an all-day experience, combining a restaurant, bakery, and bar. Inside, the casual restaurant ambiance is highlighted by a dominant bar and an open kitchen against the back wall.

The space is cleverly divided between the restaurant and café
sections by quirky bench seating and a waiter station displaying bakery goods and coffee. Pale pink walls and casually blue painted tables and chairs create a welcoming vibe, while the open kitchen allows guests to eagerly anticipate the delightful aromas of their food being prepared.

Architects have infused modernity and fun into The Good Egg’s
design, utilizing a metal gantry above the waiter station for storage, interspersed with the occasional hanging plant. The pink conglomerate bar top contrasts beautifully with the sleek stainless steel counter front, while bamboo cladding and pink painted pegboard add unique touches to the lower walls.

To complete the eclectic mix, a long metal bar features a
suspended illuminated sign and plants. Dark, moody toilets boast pink stone basins and illuminated #NoGefilte letters behind the mirrors.

The experience at The Good Egg is not only fun but also
gastronomically exceptional, serving up small plates of deliciousness. Even the bill, presented in a younger Bill Murray guise, adds to the overall charm. It’s a place worth revisiting time and time again.

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Kingly Court, Soho

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