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Barrafina, Covent Garden, Review


Barrafina, Covent Garden, Review

19 May 2017

Restaurant and Bar

Experience the captivating design of Barrafina, a compact Spanish tapas bar renowned for its simple yet flavorful dishes at affordable prices. Located on the corner of Drury Lane and Broad Court.

Inspired by Barcelona’s famed tapas restaurant Cal Pep, Barrafina’s design pays homage to its Spanish roots while infusing sleekness and coolness into the space.
The display of fresh vegetables and seafood, along with high-level bar stock and counter cooking, echoes the ethos of Cal Pep. However, Barrafina distinguishes itself with polished marble, mirror-bright stainless steel, and luxurious burgundy leather accents, creating a contemporary ambiance.

At Barrafina, the focus is on providing an informal dining experience centered around theater cooking and the display of fresh food. Guests are seated along a linear bar adorned with a mirror bar bullnose edge, where they can witness the skilled staff working amidst organized chaos. The space exudes an irresistible atmosphere, captivating diners with its vibrant energy.

Restaurant design functionality and a high-spirited atmosphere were paramount when creating the perfect setting for owners Sam and Eddie Hart. The downstairs function room, adjacent to the wine cellar, offers a serene retreat for intimate gatherings, contrasting with the bustling energy of the upstairs dining area.

While the exterior boasts inviting outdoor seating with planters, umbrellas, and heaters, it’s the vibrant ambiance indoors that draws patrons in. The heart of Barrafina’s allure lies in its buzzing kitchen and the efficiency of its staff, making sitting at the counter a coveted experience.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Barrafina, where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance your dining experience. From the enticing aromas emanating from the kitchen to the convivial atmosphere enveloping the space, Barrafina invites you to savor the essence of Spanish tapas in style.

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Covent Garden, London

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