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Katana Bakery, Riyadh


Katana Bakery, Riyadh

Bakery Cafe

Blenheim Design were engaged by Saudi Brothers Co to craft designer bakery poised to become a premier destination catering to modern Saudis and tourists in Riyadh.

Blenheim Design conceptualised a bakery café interior that not only showcases in-store baked goods but also provides a relaxed retail setting for showcasing teas and luxury gift packs.

Collaborating with the Katana logo and packaging, our team delivered a chic and forward-thinking designer bakery concept, epitomising high-end bakery interior design and retail aesthetics.

Bakery interior design scheme exudes angular, modern, light, and bright aesthetics. We’ve harmoniously combined luxurious calacatta marble finishes, bleached oak, brass accents, and even incorporated a Venetian plaster ceiling effect for its reflective properties. Amidst these elements, industrial touches such as concrete-effect plaster walls and columns, along with exposed filament bulbs, provide a warm glow to key areas. To infuse vibrant splashes of colour, we’ve incorporated pastel brand shades, visible in leather upholstery and on walls, either as merchandising or signage. This meticulous attention to detail defines Katana bakery interior design, setting a new standard in bakery retail design.

Bakery seating design, the predominant banquette seating is artfully arranged to afford a commanding view overlooking the central patisserie display and coffee counter, the very heart of our culinary haven. An exquisite bespoke brass ceiling sculpture, seemingly taking flight above the central showcase, adds a touch of opulence and grandeur to the ambience. Nestled within this artistic masterpiece, designer exposed bulbs hang suspended, casting a luminous glow that elevates the entire space to new heights of allure and enchantment.

 Adjacent to the entrance, a satellite seating enclave is meticulously crafted, with a view of the street and pavement beyond. Bespoke seating zone boasts an angular canopy gracefully suspended above an open screen fashioned out of gold aluminium. This thoughtful design choice not only facilitates the placement of pendant lighting but also imbues the space with a snug and intimate ambiance, nestled beneath the lofty expanse of the double-height shopfront.

The customer toilets, embodying a high-end modern
Japanese aesthetic, have undergone a transformation of unparalleled elegance. Accessible through a bespoke sliding door system reminiscent of Japanese screens, these lavatories have been ingeniously reconfigured to accommodate an additional cubicle without sacrificing space.

Blenheim Design takes immense pride in our involvement with the most expansive Japanese bakery design project ever undertaken in the Middle East.

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Saudi Brothers Co


Riyadh, KSA




246 m2

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