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Shoryu Ramen, Broadgate Circle


Shoryu Ramen, Broadgate Circle

Restaurant and Bar

The goal for this project was to create a refined yet casual iteration of their renowned ramen brand, now enhanced with the addition of an open-flamed yakitori cooking experience 

Blenheim Design’s extensive collaboration history with the Shoryu team made them the natural choice for crafting a restaurant in this prominent location, having successfully collaborated on several other venues for the brand in the past. The restaurant boasts a capacity of 110 covers and offers a delectable selection of Japanese cuisine.

A standout feature of Shoryu Liverpool Street is its two open-flame theatre cooking stations – one dedicated to yakitori and the other to ramen. These stations not only provide distinct culinary experiences but also showcase the restaurant’s commitment to theatrical cooking. Among the design highlights are a banquette seating area adorned with back-lit rice screens, slate-clad walls, and a traditional Hakata-bei wall.

The incorporation of the Hakata-bei wall, unique to the southern region of Japan, adds an authentic touch to the restaurant’s ambiance. The material palette pays homage to Japanese culture, featuring elements such as Shikkui plaster, bamboo, stone, rope-wrapped columns, illuminated rice displays, a traditional Japanese drum, paper lanterns, and ema plaques – small wooden plaques commonly found in Shinto temples.

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Shoryu Ramen


Broadgate Circle, London




190 m2

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