Dirty Habit at Hotel Zelos

Hidden away in the heart of San Francisco, just off Union Square, is a boutique Hotel Zelos.

Hidden away in the heart of San Francisco, just off Union Square, is a boutique Hotel Zelos.

dirty habit bar

Hotel competition is fierce in this city, choice is not all about location, room size and internet speed, it is about overall experience.  Blenheim Design discovered that Hotel Zelos is worth a trip.

Hotel Zelos bar

Ground floor is a trendy Californian design injected with quirky humour. Lobby does not invite hanging around however bar and restaurant make up for it.

chick hotel elevator design

The hotel interior architects gave the whole space a mood of intrigue and thick atmosphere of drama. Elevator is a metal clad box with back illuminated tree branches forming a silhouette of 1960’s British spy.  

Mina Myall in San Francisco hotel lobby

Directly outside an elevator is a stylized Art Deco sign, moodily halo illuminated with playfully sophisticated leather upholstered swing beside it.  

dirty habit bar sign

Rather plain wall was enriched with ornately framed black and white artistic photo of a scantily clad woman.  

hotel art

This set the scene for moody and mysteriously designed bar and restaurant. Dirty Habit restaurant and bar designers gave it a feeling of a secret  hideaway space.

hotel Zelos bar

The whole place is oozing effortless charm. My colleague described Dirty Habit as an effortlessly sexy bar with pulling power.  

hotel bar seating Zelos

Bar gives an aura of heady opium den mixed with, non-Danish mid-century design pieces, robust concrete and metal touches.

dirty habit hotel bar

The main feature is an oversized lace veiled girl’s portrait in heavy blacks and purples.

dirty habit logo

Immediately to the side is a well-stocked bar serving classic and seasonal cocktails.  

bourbon bar

Second bar is boldly advertising its offers on an art installation, consisting of metal parts and Bourbon spelling across the wall. Space is still Intimately atmospheric. 

dirty habit toilets

Hotel Designers used three tone timber floors to create 3D effect throughout. Hot rolled steel, textured wood and art in a ‘Matta Hari’ style achieves relaxed yet stylish hotel interior.  

hotel terrace restaurant bar

Blenheim design was informed that DDA worked alongside Lighting Design from Seattle on hotel renovation.

trendy hotel terrace

Restaurant offers unique special small and sharing plates. 

hotel terrace fountain

This place is like Narnia, it just gets better as we walked through. Another set of doors reveals restaurant bar and terrace with soothing sound of water fountain and warmth coming from the fire pit.

dirty habit bar design

The hip outdoor lounge is an oasis of calm in the busy downtown San Francisco.   We could envisage ourselves spending many evenings sampling creative cocktail menu and seasonal dishes on the long lazy couches.

Zelos hotel light feature

Take it from us; this Hotel Terrace is uber-cool.  

Mina Myall in San Francisco uber cool hotel


Dirty Habit at Hotel Zelos

12 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Dirty Habit at Hotel Zelos