Gotto Trattoria

Gotto, Hackney’s most fashionable Italian trattoria with artisan Vermouth on tap is located within the Here East development, in Olympic Park.


Peter Hughes and Andrew Mantovani, the team behind Soho’s Mele e Pere, asked Blenheim Design to create a welcoming, casual yet fashionable environment with a positive nod to neighbouring Hackney’s innovative and artistic culture.

Alftesco dining at Gotto Trattoria

The venue features an attractive alfresco canal-side dining area. The interior design  is industrial, inviting and comfortable whilst incorporating imaginative use of found, recycled materials and solid durable furniture.For a spanking new, hammered-together construction, Gotto’s designers have made a strikingly decent fist of creating a warm, authentic space sporting an open kitchen with sit-up dining, subdued lighting, quirky graffiti and home-made vermouths on tap.

Grace Dent - Evening Standard

Gotto Trattoria Gallery

Take a closer look at the Trattoria design